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Anthurium Radicans

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Anthurium radicans is a popular plant because of its charming heart-shaped leaves with a bullate texture and deep veins. This rare plant has beautiful maroon-pink flowers in addition to its lush leaves, which makes it an eye-catching addition to any room or outdoor space.

As evergreen plants with low maintenance, Anthurium Radicans can be grown as potted plants or in a garden. You can also place them in any room of your home.

Care Guide

With proper care, Anthurium Radicans can be queen in your rooms and provide a lush. We will share complete guide caring for Anthurium Radicans. So you can learn to maintain a healthy and beautiful Anthurium radicans.

You only need to provide basic needs of this plants like, indirect bright light, well-drained soil, keep the soil moist, warm temperature and put them in high humidty. Let’s learn more about their basic need


They require bright indirect lighting every day because they are evergreen plants with a lot of chlorophyll. This plant can also tolerate some shade, because in its natural habitat, you can sometimes find it near forest floors that get shade from larger trees.


As aroid plants, they need well-drained soil to prevent root rot if you put too much water on them. You can use a mix of perlite, sphagnum moss, and pine bark as the soil. In our nursery, we only put them in sphagnum moss.


As low-maintenance plants, you don’t need to water them every day. Wait until an inch of top soil has dried before watering them. Overwatering them can cause the soil to become wet and the roots to rot.

Humidity and Temperature

They love places with high humidity, if your place is dry, you can put them in a humidity tray or mist the leaves regularly. They also need warm temperatures because these plants can’t survive in temperatures below 50 °F.

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