We Are Labijo

We are labijo, a plant nursery and exporter from Indonesia. We decided to open a small warehouse within the US because many people were frustrated with getting rare house plants at an affordable price.

We can help you to bring paradise in your house or garden. We don’t offer wholesale price for the US warehouse. To get wholesale price, you can buy directly from our main nursery in Indonesia

Sourcing The Plants

We source the rare house plants from our nursery in Blitar, Indonesia. We grow the plants from seeds, cutting, tissue culture and from our local nursery partner in Indonesia

1. Pick The Plants

We pick the best conditioned plants in our nursery stock in Indonesia

2. Ship The Plants

We processing export document and ship the plants to our warehouse stock in the US

3. Propagate

We propagate the plants in our warehouse for about 7–14 days.

4. Ready to Ship

After the plants are healthy, we are ready to ship them to your address.