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Hoya Incurvula

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Hoya incurvula, closely related to Hoya brevialata, but boasting larger, flatter leaves and a delightful caramel scent.

It’s a frequent bloomer, happiest in a well-draining mix and moderate nutrients. Sunny spots are its sweet spot!

  • Rooted Cutting
  • Ship with minimum 2 leaves
  • Photo only for reference, you will get similar to the photo

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Hoya incurvula, the captivating plant that has been making waves in the horticultural realm. With its luxuriant foliage and exquisite star-shaped blooms, this plant possesses an enchanting allure that effortlessly captures your attention.

Furthermore, its forgiving disposition renders it an ideal choice for even the most time-constrained horticultural enthusiasts. Check another hoya plants in our stock.