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Pandan, a tropical plant celebrated for its unique, grassy, and nutty scent alongside its sweet taste, stands as a culinary cornerstone in Southeast Asian cuisine.

Its vibrant, elongated green leaves play a pivotal role in imparting a distinctive aroma and flavor to a myriad of dishes, ranging from savory delights to sweet treats. The transformation of its mild, grassy scent when raw to a robust, nutty, and almost vanilla-like aroma upon cooking, elevates the sensory experience of any meal.

Pandan Plant for Sale in US

Opting to purchase pandan plants online, especially those sourced directly from Indonesia, presents numerous benefits for enthusiastic home gardeners, chefs, and culinary aficionados who prioritize flavor and convenience

  • The photo is only for reference; you will get random pandan plants with at least 5 leaves.
  • We will ship the best-conditioned and healthiest plants in our warehouse stock.

Pandan Care Guide

Here some plant care guide to help them thrive in your home

  1. Sunlight: They loves bright, indirect sunlight. A spot near a window would be perfect.
  2. Water: Don’t let it dry out completely. Keep the soil evenly moist, but not too soggy.
  3. Temperature: Keep it between 60-90 degrees. It’s a tropical plant, after all!
  4. Fertilizer: A monthly dose of an all-purpose fertilizer should keep it happy and green.

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