Meet our Pandan Plant – your new indoor green buddy! This cool plant comes straight from the tropical parts of Southeast Asia, right to your doorstep.

It’s not just a pretty plant, it’s also famous for its sweet, vanilla-like aroma. Best part? You get all this with free shipping!

Pandanus amaryllifolius is a plant that grows well both inside and outside. Enjoy the convenience of having fresh pandan leaves close by for cooking and making scented drinks.

You can easily get these tropical plants easily at We offer high quality pandan plants in the US.

Pandan Plant for Sale in US

You can buy pandan plants from us, we offer live pandan plants in the US. Direct import from Indonesia house plant supplier. This plants will be ready to ship on 20 July

  • The photo is only for reference; you will get random pandan plants with at least 5 leaves.
  • We will ship the best-conditioned and healthiest plants in our warehouse stock.
  • Free shipping within the continental US, excluding US territories
  • We need about 1–2 days to process and ship your order with USPS Priority Mail

Pandan Care Guide

Here some plant care guide to help them thrive in your home

  1. Sunlight: Pandan loves bright, indirect sunlight. A spot near a window would be perfect.
  2. Water: Don’t let it dry out completely. Keep the soil evenly moist, but not too soggy.
  3. Temperature: Keep it between 60-90 degrees. It’s a tropical plant, after all!
  4. Fertilizer: A monthly dose of an all-purpose fertilizer should keep it happy and green.


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Pandan Plant