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Philodendron Pink Princess


The Philodendron Pink Princess is a stunning and rare houseplant that is highly sought after for its unique pink variegated leaves. It is a must-have for plant enthusiasts and collectors. Its striking pink and green foliage makes it a statement piece in any indoor garden

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Guide Care

Everything you need to know about the Philodendron Pink Princess , including how to care for it and keep it thriving in your indoor garden. You don’t need to worried about taking care philodendron pink princess, because they are easy-to-care aroid plants. You only need to provide them basic need of aroid plants


Light is one most important factor due to the pink color growing. Since they native from tropical jungle, you need to provide them with bright indirect lightning. You can put them near the window to gather sunlight during the day or you can use grow light to help them keep the pink color on it’s leaves.


Use well-drained soil to keep root healthy. You can use mix of perlite, sphagnum moss and bark for the soil.


You don’t need watering them too much, just wait until the top of soil dry out before watering them. Too much watering will make the root rot. Remember to wait until the top soil dry out, not wait untill all the soil completely dry. The plants will die if you let the soil dry out.

Humidity and Temperature

Put them in warm and have high humidity. Ideal temperature for them is around 65 – 79 degrees Fahrenheit. Never put them in a place with temperature below 60 degrees fahrenheit. They can be die because of cold.

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