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Philodendron Glorious

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Philodendron Glorious — a spectacular hybrid that’s been making waves in the houseplant community.

A lovechild between Philodendron melanochrysum and Philodendron gloriosum, this rare beauty boasts velvety leaves and distinctive light-colored veins that make it a true conversation starter.

Picture a plant with leaves so large and velvety, they practically beg to be touched. That’s Philodendron Glorious for ya!

Philodendron Glorious for Sale

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  • The photo is only for reference; you will get random plants similar to the photo with at least 2 leaves.
  • We will ship the best-conditioned and healthiest plants in our warehouse stock.

Philodendron Glorious Care Guide

Your glorious (see what we did there?) plant deserves the best care! Here’s how to make it thrive:

  • Light Needs: Medium to bright indirect sunlight is your go-to. Too much direct sun, and you risk burning those beautiful leaves!
  • Watering: Check the top 50% of the soil weekly. If it’s dry, it’s time for a drink!
  • Fertilizer: Feed it a balanced feed once a month during the growing seasons (spring and summer).
  • Soil Mix: Use 60% potting compost, 20% perlite, and 20% orchid bark for the perfect home.
  • Humidity & Temp: A humidity level of 60% and temperatures between 18-27°C (64-81°F) will keep your Philodendron Glorious happy and, well, glorious!

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