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Variegated Whale Fin / Sansevieria Masoniana


Variegated Whale Fin, also known as Sansevieria masoniana variegated or Variegated Whale Fin Snake Plant.

They have large leaves that resemble whale fins, as well as variegated colors in the leaves. One or two slowly growing, low-maintenance leaves make this plant perfect for a newbie plant parent and a gift to your beloved. They can be placed in any minimalist indoor space.

  • Photo only references, you will get random sizes similar to the photo with a leaves

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Taking care of the variegated whale fin, or Sansevieria Masoniana, is quite easy. Just like another succulent or snake plant, they don’t need your extra attention. You just need to wait for the soil to dry out before watering them.

There is no need to put them under the sun. They only need bright indirect lighting. Don’t forget to put them inside your house during winter