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Philodendron Majestic

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Philodendron Majestic—a hybrid cultivar that’s winning hearts with its magnificent, silvery-splashed leaves.

This climbing Philodendron has cordate leaf blades that are nothing short of a masterpiece. It boasts the best of both worlds, with traits from both Philodendron sodiroi and Philodendron verrucosum.

What’s so unique? Well, its leaves sport the luscious dark green and velvety texture from P. verrucosum, but wait, there’s more!

It also inherits the eye-catching grey mottling and waxy surface from P. sodiroi.

Talk about a dynamic duo! The juvenile leaves start off as acute to elliptic, but don’t worry, they mature into beautiful heart shapes. Now, who wouldn’t want to add this stunner to their collection?

Philodendron Majestic for Sale

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