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Take Care Philodendron Florida Ghost: All You Need to Know

Philodendron Florida Ghost

Philodendron Florida Ghost has been one of my favorites. The first time I laid eyes on this beautiful, exotic plant, I knew I had to have one in my collection.

Its stunning leaves, which start out as a creamy white and then gradually mature to a deep green, always manage to capture my attention

The Philodendron Florida Ghost is a hybrid plant, a result of crossing Philodendron pedatum and Philodendron squamiferum. What I really appreciate about this plant is its unique climbing growth pattern, which allows it to reach impressive heights if given the proper support.

I’ve learned the ins and outs of caring for my Florida Ghost. It’s a relatively easy plant to care for, as long as I follow some simple guidelines.

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How to Take Care Philodendron Florida Ghost?

This is basic guide about how to take care philodendron florida ghost. I will explain more in this article below

InformationPhilodendron Florida Ghost
Latin NamePhilodendron ‘Florida Ghost’ (hybrid)
LightBright, indirect light
WaterWhen top 2 inches of soil is dry
HumidityAround 60%
Temperature65°F – 75°F (18°C – 24°C)
SoilWell-draining mix (peat moss, perlite, orchid bark)
FertilizerBalanced liquid fertilizer (diluted to half-strength)
Pruning and TrainingMoss pole or trellis, occasional pruning
PestsSpider mites, mealybugs, scale insects
RepottingEvery couple of years, as needed


My Philodendron Florida Ghost thrives in bright, indirect light. I avoid direct sunlight, as it can scorch the leaves. I’ve found that an east or west-facing window is perfect for providing the right amount of light

If you asking about How To Make A Philodendron Florida Ghost White? Provide them with enough light. They will sprout new white leaves, but when they mature the leave’s will be turning green. It’s normal

You also need to maintain the light of Philodendron Florida Ghost too keep get new white leave’s. It’s the important things to do with the color.


I make sure to water my Florida Ghost when the top 2 inches of the soil is dry. Overwatering can lead to root rot, which is something I definitely want to avoid. However, I also need to ensure that I don’t underwater, as this can cause the plant to become droopy and the leaves to turn yellow.


My Philodendron loves high humidity, so I maintain a humidity level of around 60% to keep it happy. I’ve found that placing a humidifier near the plant or using a pebble tray filled with water does wonders for maintaining the ideal humidity


I use a well-draining soil mix for my Florida Ghost, consisting of peat moss, perlite, and orchid bark. This ensures that the plant’s roots have access to the necessary nutrients and aeration.


During the growing season, I feed my Philodendron Florida Ghost with a balanced liquid fertilizer diluted to half-strength, every month. In the winter months, I cut back on fertilizing, as the plant’s growth tends to slow down

Pruning and training:

As the plant grows taller, I provide it with a moss pole or trellis for support. I also prune it occasionally to maintain its shape and encourage bushier growth.


I keep an eye out for common houseplant pests like spider mites, mealybugs, and scale insects. If I notice any signs of infestation, I treat my Florida Ghost with insecticidal soap or neem oil.


When my Philodendron Florida Ghost outgrows its current pot, I repot it into a slightly larger container. I usually do this every couple of years to give the plant more room to grow and refresh the soil.

It’s depend on you, how big you want for these plants stay in your house? More bigger plants you want you also need to provide more bigger pot


Overall, my experience with the Philodendron Florida Ghost has been delightful. Watching its leaves unfurl and change color over time is truly mesmerizing. As a plant enthusiast, I can’t imagine my collection without this stunning, easy-to-care-for gem.

Philodendron Florida Ghost is a captivating hybrid houseplant that thrives in bright, indirect light, and requires watering when the top 2 inches of soil are dry. It prefers a humidity level of around 60% and temperatures between 65°F and 75°F.

For optimal growth, a well-draining soil mix and a balanced liquid fertilizer are recommended. Providing support with a moss pole or trellis, occasional pruning, and repotting every couple of years ensure the plant stays healthy and attractive.

Lastly, be vigilant about common pests to keep your Florida Ghost in top condition

FAQ about Take Care Philodendron Florida Ghost

Philodendaron Florida Ghost Mint?

Florida ghost mint is just marketing gimmick. Believe me, they are both the same plant with slightly different color patterns

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